i write poetry sometimes
since i can't commit to anything longer than that
i'm very emotional, and i don't think it's very good
but i'm sharing it anyways

I look at my hands

We can all guess our own problems

Another entrance and exit

I miss them so

Never forget the good times we had together

To the one who made me love,

I am so glad I met you

To have kissed you

Sorry I drifted away

I was scared

I never wanted to hurt you

I was not good to you

To my first friend,

Thank you so much

For all those moments in life I never got to have

Showing me a love of music

A whole lot of phases, and fun memories

The moment I heard your voice was one I'll remember forever

We were inseperable

Now I can't even remember the sound

To the emotional,

I wanted to love you

You know I was scared

You getting everything I wanted

I strided to be you

I still try to

To be all four of you

We were the greatest pair

But we grew apart too

Once a year we talk about the latest season and it hurts me so

To the rabbit,

Thank you

I know we weren't the best of friends

But thank you for keeping them together

We wanted the same things

Even though we were dumb kids

I admired how you could always keep going

I'd love to reintroduce myself to you all again someday

roped in abusive rages

alone to rage in confused hopes

alone sobbing today together forever

i love you and he loves you

alone, together forever at last